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Life is Spiritual Ministries

Life Is Spiritual Ministries (LIS) is a non denominational christian discipleship ministry with a goal to see the gospel of the Kingdom of God spread to the entire world. This ministry was founded by Apostle Timsimon "Bamboo" Kimani and Erica Kimani. Tim is married to Erica Kimani and is a family man and a man of God. We believe that there are many deep and wonderful truths hidden in the bible which God's children need to know. Unfortunately, many of these truths are not revealed by the mainstream christian church through televangelists because of the level of compromise and infiltration of the enemy into positions of media leadership.

Therefore the enemy is able to conceal many of his deceptions to the world because his agents are some of the popular ministers with access to the world through the media. Now there are many men of God who have not been compromised however, these men seem to have no voice or have been silenced before they could reach many souls in the world with the truth. The body of Christ needs their own platforms where the evil arms of censorship and/or infiltration cannot reach. Satan's kingdom is a kingdom of darkness. Darkness is ignorance, therefore Satan's kingdom thrives on the ignorance of humanity. The more a born again human being declares the light of God's word, the less space the devil has to move around. Matthew 5:14 "Ye are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid." 


Truly you are anointed by the Lord, no doubt about that. Your testimonies have changed my life. Am not the same again after watching all these, I have given my life to Christ fully. I thank God that he led me here to find your testimonies.

Diana Kemunto

These family always blesses me, they have been used by God almighty to open up, my spiritual mind, I needed Men and women of God like these family, whenever they talk and I watch, tears fall, I hear cool breeze from my ears, not tears which are normal, no something tells me, repent, as these family is ministering, time as come now, body of christ should be respected. God almighty bless bamboo family.

Christine Monyi

Very inspiring, my family loves you. Continue preaching the word of Jesus Christ

Tracy Nyale

it's sad when the people of this world live in ignorance. Jesus Christ is the way, truth and life and He came so that all have life (knowledge of who He is) in abundance. Bamboo and Erica I am a proud follower of Christ and continue sharing the videos for you will touch many by spreading the Gospel of Christ

Maggy Kiro

God bless you blessed servants of the Lord. Please keep preaching the truth. It is setting so many of us free to the Glory of God the Father. 1 Tim 2:4, "God desires that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of truth in Jesus Christ."

Samwel Otieno

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