The Truth About Money (Financial Knowledge Book 1)

The Truth About Money (Financial Knowledge Book 1)

Have you ever wondered why schools don’t teach about money? There is a reason for this. It’s because the super-rich do not want it taught. This book will open your eyes about money, it’s origins, how the rich think as opposed to how the poor and middle class think about money. Learn what the rich teach their children that schools don’t want you to know. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is financial intelligence to help you create the kind of wealth you can leave to your children and your children’s children. Investing in your own mind is part of the process of becoming wealthy. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how money really works. Give yourself a financial education and get out of the rat race.


  • Margot MITCHELL

    Thank you for the inside true

  • Faith

    I want to meet you two.
    I need deliverence from powers of witchcraft

  • Wyclife

    How can I get it in kakamega

  • Pauline

    the video of eternal kingdom, you talked about being God’s friend.So my question is how do you become intimate with God.
  • Mirriam Chuma

    Hello Pastor Erica & Simon Kimani, its indeed a blessing to hear all of your testimonies and teachings. God bless you abundantly.

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