Welcome to Life is Spiritual Ministries

Welcome to Life is Spiritual Ministries

Life Is Spiritual Ministries (LIS) is a non denominational christian discipleship ministry with a goal to see the gospel of the Kingdom of God spread to the entire world. This ministry was founded by Apostle Timsimon "Bamboo" Kimani and Erica Kimani. Tim is married to Erica Kimani and is a family man and a man of God. We believe that there are many deep and wonderful truths hidden in the bible which God's children need to know. Unfortunately, many of these truths are not revealed by the mainstream christian church through televangelists because of the level of compromise and infiltration of the enemy into positions of media leadership.


  • Pharon Sikazwe

    I just want to say that your ministry has engligtened me to know God personally and to understand the bible easily thank you very much may God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Beatrice

    I need your contact so that I can talk to you and pray for my family

  • Beatrice

    Am so happy to hear from you Elica and kimani,I really need to talk to you so that I can understand what’s going on with my children am saved

  • Delmer

    Greetings Woman of God, Sister Erica and all the saints at large be greeted in the name of Jesus Christ.

    My name is Simba Delmer Tembo, From Zimbabwe, ( Southern African ) …when I first discovered Sister Erica’s first book titled 7yrs in Hell with Lucifer, all my intention was focused on reading that book, I read it and finished it in just 2 days and I must say I was Very Enlightened by the Information that our Sister Erica in the Lord shared with us… something just told me to search for this person on the Internet, or Facebook, and I got hold of her Videos with her husband…

    It is great information indeed…we need more preachers like Sister Erica and Brother Tim Simon.

    I’ve got so many questions to ask sister Erica…I’m even considering visiting Uganda☺️…I hope in the Lord that, it will happen soon

    Keep up with The Good Work…God is watching Over you and your family…

    Stay blessed, and favoured, and may God’s Mercy and Covering be upon your lives and your Ministry In Jesus Christ mighty name…

  • Quincy A Strain

    I thank The Lord God most High for His work He is doing through you. I’m from Ohio, US, and I’ve been so blessed by your entrusted ministry. I will continue to support you through prayer and finances. See you in Glory.
    Quincy Strain.

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