Welcome to Life is Spiritual Ministries

Welcome to Life is Spiritual Ministries

Life Is Spiritual Ministries (LIS) is a non denominational christian discipleship ministry with a goal to see the gospel of the Kingdom of God spread to the entire world. This ministry was founded by Apostle Timsimon "Bamboo" Kimani and Erica Kimani. Tim is married to Erica Kimani and is a family man and a man of God. We believe that there are many deep and wonderful truths hidden in the bible which God's children need to know. Unfortunately, many of these truths are not revealed by the mainstream christian church through televangelists because of the level of compromise and infiltration of the enemy into positions of media leadership.


  • Matthews Bhekimpilo Mncube

    I’m really moved by your testimony and would want to partner with your ministry while you help me to fulfill God’s call on my life.Your email address please.

  • Sonto Zwane

    I love you family ,I have started watching everything this year,actually few months ago,my eyes are open,I have been sharing your video with some people,and praying too,please pray with me,I’m not well,Thank God for you

  • Billy Mutebi,

    Hello Servants of the most High, the Ancient of Days. greetings from Mulago Hospital, Kampala Uganda.

    I have made sure before I give my feedback, I read all the four books in the Erica testimony series, plus the two books Ms Erica recommended in Seven years in Hell, which are Snatched from Satan’s claws and Delivered from the power of Darkness.

    I can reliably tell that now, I have much more information about the realm of the spirit, how it operates and what’s been hidden from the eyes of man.

    In all the Erica series, it looks like Ms Erica feels cheated by her grandma, madam Adonia who initiated her at a tender age.

    But I want to stress this.. in any way, it was not a coincidence that Erica (Mrs) ended up in Satan’s kingdom. It was all to the kingdom of God’s benefit.

    It was from that experience that you been able to witness thousands and thousands of people coming to Christ as you stated in Part four.

    Here in Kampala, in your absence madam, people preach the Gospel of Christ in every corner and on every street,. I want to reveal to you that people think what they are doing is the most important, and so never pay any form of attention to the word of God being preached.

    If the pastors, Reverends, and prechers start preaching what will it be if someone misses heaven because of recklessness, then people will be able to realize how late they are to get saved.

    People need to hear the other side of the gospel, which many people are ignorant about, which you have fearlessly come out to give freely to the world.

    May God bless you and the family, your ministry, and everyone who have read the testimonies,.

    Let God Continue to use you as it was the His original intention of you visiting Satan.. it was perfectly intentional that you go, see, understand, and then comeback to tell us who Satan is, and also as a great tool of winning souls for Christ.

    I was led to the first part of your publication, seven years in hell by the Holy Spirit, coz I just found the book thrown on the floor in the house, and UpTo now I can’t tell who brought it..

    After reading the first two lines, I reised it’s not an ordinary book, I settled and finished it, I searched for you on internet, that’s how I got to know that there is more publications.

    May the Almighty God bless you, protect you, continue to use to save more souls from Satan..

    Jesus is the way truth and life…

  • Malinda Jolley

    Dear Mr and Mrs Kimani. I am all the way from the United States in a place called Houston, TX. God personally helped me find you guys. I have always loved God and had a sincere heart for him, but my life was a mess. I was hit by a drunk tow truck driver breaking my neck, back in several places, legs and came as close to death as you possibly can. In the last ten years my husband of 24 years left for a harlots, 2 months later my house burned completely down, I rebuilt, and then a flood came and destroyed everything, and finally this April I rebuilt for 3 years and that house burned completely to the ground and I lost my entire again. I am disable and when my husband left I was left to raise 2 children who have suffered so much do to no choice of their own. I found your ministries and God begin to reveal the witchcraft that was at work through others on my behalf. All of my family except me are almost millionaires but no one would help us at all. I found out my mother in law had shrines and altars built with my pictures and had even buried photos of me in the cemetery. I would like to say so much more but I’m trying to be as short as possible. Bamboo and Erica I cannot repay God and you guys enough for how your ministries have helped me. Now I say with joy God is making the enemy repay everything, everything he stole from me. Even the restoration of my marriage. God told me not to engage in anyway with another man and I obeyed 9 years celibate. Everyone said I was crazy , out of my mind. But now I family is in the beginning process of restoration and it is beautiful!!! What a amazing testimony it will be for the divorces that have happened in the kingdom of God. I am on disability but drive a brand new vehicle. Me and my kids dress well and eat very well, lol. But most of all I have developed a heart and love for God and his kingdom as never before. I have made a decision to partner with your ministry and do as much as possible to support you guys through prayer, financial support, and anything you guys need from me I will do it as long as I can. I know you get thousands of emails and can’t read them all but I’m praying this one will reach you. God has used your ministry to change my life. I don’t know you personally but my love for your ministry is so genuine..To my God, my spiritual and eternal father I end this letter in agape love

  • Keitumetse Pule

    Always blessed by your revelation of the truth of God versus the enemy s lies and deceit. May God bless you. Any chance of getting a hard copy Im in South Africa.

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